BKS is a pioneer audio studio in original recording and sound finishing for audiovisual projects including cinema.

We record noises, foley, we study different effects, music styles, we bring different musical instruments and mixes to your production.

We help our clients create the audio guide for original animation series from all over the world.
Our directors help the actors to study each character and create a unique voice. Voice acting allows animators to create the style, the way to behave and express themselves for each character. The joint creation of actors, directors, animators, screenwriters and audio technicians, music director, allows the best quality of the final product. We studied the initial conception of the idea with the client, developed samples to arrive at the result desired by the client.

We have 14 recording studios, 05 5.1 mixes, Dolby Atmos mix. Our portfolio of more than 1.5 million films and series, feature films and short films, TV series and programs, animations, advertising, theater, events and special projects such as theater.

We create and do the entire sound finalization process for audiovisual projects such as films, series, animations, spatial audio for virtual reality and 360º.
Our expertise is sound completion, recording of original dialogues, ADR, music, soundtrack, international band, m & e, sound design, foley recording (RDS), audio restoration, narration recording, dubbing, voice-overs and mixing (2.0, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos).

Welcome to Our Studios

BKS offers Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Content Localization, and Post Production services in Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish, English, French, and Italian. With offices and dubbing studios in Miami, Florida, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Chennai, India. BKS is one of the world’s largest providers of dubbing and subtitling to the entertainment industry.