Expert Localization Services

Dubbing & Game Localization Services

Experience top-notch dubbing, voice-over, narration, and game localization services at our Acoustical Studios. Bring your message to life in a variety of languages, ensuring accuracy and a natural, engaging tone.

Original Audio & Sound Design

Enhance your video & post-production with our custom audio & sound design services: from original dialogs to original music, we've got you covered.

Video Production Services

Elevate your audiovisual projects with our comprehensive video production services - from preproduction planning to final touches; we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

Encoding & Distribution

Our professional encoding and distribution services can help you achieve your goals and take your video content to the next level. With our expert team, you can easily migrate your brand to a multi-device environment and increase your video audience.

Give us a call or request more information and see why BKS can become your trusted source and go-to studio for your upcoming film or video content project.

More Services Tailored To Your Needs

We help our clients create, differentiate, and improve the value of their brands across all media.

BKS provides access services, including Closed Captioning, HoH, SDH, And AD.

Transcreation in marketing can be defined as adapting advertising copy to align with the target audience of another language, nationality, or culture. The term itself is a combination of “translation” and “re-creation.”

The best way to service our customers is to have the ability to deliver digital content in a wide variety of formats on video platforms, social media, and channels across the globe.

Let us take care of the translation, adaptation, and review of your projects in any language. Films, short films, series, documentaries, and animations.

BKS provides Quality Control (QC) solution to check traditional or artificial intelligence dubbing and subtitling.

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Whatever your project, we have the Audio and Video tools, Techniques and Creative Talent to bring it to life.