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We are a Multimedia Company that offers Video Platform Administration, Encoding and Content Distribution, all kinds of Audio and Video Production, Localization, Branded Content, and Advertising Services to Clients across the Globe.

We produce TV shows, music videos, video commercials, digital explainer videos, promos, trailers, video for radio shows, 2D & 3D animated content, including walkthroughs, corporate AVs, product stills, graphic images, jingles, radio ads, audiobooks, original audio dialog, music for animation, games and virtual reality. We translate & dub content in all languages. We also offer brand solutions like conceiving ad campaigns and developing apps and games.

Our Core Values



We don't just think about quality; we live and breathe it. Since 1958, it has served as our guiding principle. To provide the best service, standards, assurance, and results, we match the right people with the right projects. Everything is based on open, honest, and consistent communication. Always put performance ahead of price. By reflecting on our efforts and improving the quality of our services and the experience we provide to our clients and partners, we hope to exceed expectations because quality is an experience, not just a word.



An essential attribute for business – at BKS we don’t take our reputation lightly. Since 1958 we have created a well-known and respected global company that caters to the entertainment industry. Our long-standing clients and our presence across all major media stand testament to our strong commitment.



Constantly working with the latest technology - at BKS you can be sure we are continually working to maintain the latest technology and services that will bring you and your audience the most engaging and astounding entertainment experiences possible. BKS is continually updating and advancing our facilities and resources across the globe. Over 25,000 square feet in São Paulo, Brazil, and 16.000 square feet in Miami of Mixing Rooms, Labs, Studios, and our presence on two continents are ready and equipped with the latest sound and visual technology for your next venture.

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Edition, graphics, animations, special effects, color calibration, subtitling, and so much more!

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