Experts in Localization Services

BKS has been leading the way with its studios based in São Paulo and Miami.

BKS at São Paulo, Brazil: Our 25,000 sq. ft. facilities include 7 Recording studios and 4 Mixing rooms.

At BKS we have learned that the quality of dubbing is established by several factors, especially Voice Casting, Translation Consistency, and the natural acting.

BKS at Miami, United States Dubbing Studio's 16,000 sq. ft. facility includes 7 Recording studios and 2 Mixing rooms.

We plan all the security of your content and we have approval from TPN.

ADR additional dialogue recorded

Improve your audio quality or reflect dialogue changes

Advertising Post Production

Let us take care of the final touches for your Ads

Audio Description

Additional Narration track for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media.

Audio Editing

We alter length, speed, and volume or create additional versions such as loops.

Audio Post

The perfect audio for your product.

Audio Post-Production

Support for all of your post-production sound needs. Our expert team mixed will carry out your mix in 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 AND ATMOS and also offers Sound Design services for all your projects.


At BKS we “Speak Your Language...Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish and English are our expertise, but we do all languages!


Give your audience the whole experience or feeling of a movie or a product creating the noises for each scene!


Catchy music for your brand.


The perfect mix for your production.

Mix 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 and ATMOS

For movie theater, home video and TV exhibition.

Music Creation

Original music for your content.


Music and Effects for series and movies.


For Documentaries, Institutional Videos and Audio books

Original Audio

We create the original dialogs and Music for your video. Choose the voice and kind of music and Let's create!

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

We verify the quality of your projects.

Sound Design

After all audios are recorded, we will process, edit and finalize them for the best Audience Experience.

Sound Effects

We create the foley, noises, ambience, effects for any kind of video project.


We will create catchy Music and Narration. The Best for your Ads.


Video and Audio in perfect timing...

Video Game Sound Design

We create Music, Effects and Audio in all languages for your game.

Voice Over

Listen to the original language in lower volume and a voice over narration in the new language for your documentaries and interviews.

Voice Casting

Voices of all types and ages in several languages. We have countless talented professionals available to meet all your needs.

Localization of Games

BKS offers a range of services to best serve the needs of game publishers and game developers. We offer comprehensive translation experience complements the game development process by providing practical localization solutions with skill and accuracy
We ensure your game is delivered on schedule to your target market, with the added benefits of cultural sensitivity and flawless representation of key game expressions and ideas.

BKS offers a range of services to best serve the needs of game publishers and game developers. Our comprehensive services touch on the game development process at every stage and provide solutions for the most tricky game localization issues.

BKS offers these Specialized Services

Localization Project Management and Planning

User Interface Localization

Game Script Translations

Graphics Localization

Localization of marketing materials for the game (websites, banners,…)

Localization of User Manuals and Print Materials

All for your Brand, Films, Games, Radio Spots,  Advertisements,
Billboards, E-learning, Voice Over, Audio Guides & Corporate Films.