Bring emotions to your video project

We craft the soundscapes that bring your productions to life. Have you ever watched a movie or a trailer and felt like something was missing? Chances are, it was the sound design.

Sound design is the art of creating the original audio for a movie, documentary, animation, promo, trailer, advertising, music, and other productions. But it’s not just about adding sound effects and music, it’s about creating an emotional journey for the audience.

Think about it, when you’re watching a movie and you hear a door creak, or a character’s footsteps, it adds to the tension and the overall atmosphere of the scene. Or when you hear a beautiful piece of music that perfectly complements the visuals, it makes the experience that much more powerful.

That’s where we come in. Our team of specialized audio engineers and designers create unique and original audio for ambiance, foley, effects, original dialog, and music. We work closely with you to understand the vision for your production and create a sound design that will enhance the overall experience for your audience.

But we don’t just stop there. Our audio designers will then take all of the pieces and edit and synchronize them perfectly with the visuals. This results in a seamless and cohesive sound design that will leave your audience feeling fully immersed in the story.

Don’t settle for a mediocre sound design. Let us craft an emotional journey for your audience with our Original Audio & Sound Design Services. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your production to life.

BKS Is A Pioneer Audio Studio In Original Recording And Sound Finishing For Audiovisual Projects Including Cinema

  • We have 14 recording studios, 05 5.1 mixes, and Dolby Atmos mix.

  • We record noises, foley, we study different effects, music styles, we bring different musical instruments and mixes to your production.

  • We create and do the entire sound finalization process for audiovisual projects such as films, series, animations, spatial audio for virtual reality and 360º.

Edition, graphics, animations, special effects, color calibration, subtitling and so much more!