Video Productions Studios

We are a one-stop center dedicated to nurturing the creativity and talent that shapes our communities.

BKS is here to help you find a home for your creativity so you can realize your dreams and inspire others.

Our LIVE STREAMING and GREEN SCREEN studios are ideal for your next video. Our KITCHEN STUDIO can handle any food-related project, while our BLACKBOX STUDIO can tackle your next music video, commercial, or event.

Black Box Studio Rental

Our BLACKBOX STUDIO is ready for your professional photo or video shoot, with its crisp white cyclorama walls serving as the ideal backdrop. Ideal for music videos, commercials, product photography, and events.

Green Screen Studio Rental

Kitchen Web
Our GREEN SCREEN is perfect for your professional shoot. The green cyclorama walls are ideal for music videos, interviews, shows, and live streaming

Live Streaming Studio Rental

Live Streaming
Our CONTENT LIVE STREAMING ROOM is ideal for captivating visual content. There are inspirational moments, creative corners, and a myriad of inspirational scenes for TV shows, testimonials, and podcasts.

Kitchen Screen Studio Rental

Our STUDIO KITCHEN is set up and ready to work on any food-related project. We include a fully functional kitchen for any culinary photography and video production.

Our FULL-SERVICE VIDEO PRODUCTION team will take on a project at any stage of production and finally our AUDIO POST PRODUCTION team can handle any audio services.

Video Post-Production

Our FULL-SERVICE VIDEO PRODUCTION team can work at any stage of a project. We can help you with everything from concept development to video deliverables and everything in between.

Audio Recording & Post-Production

BKS AUDIO POST PRODUCTION team specializes in audio services for animations, films, series, commercials, radio, and podcasts across all platforms.

BKS offers the following Animation, Graphics and Visual Effects services:

Animation 2D, 3D, for Films, Advertising & CGI

Character Design & Concept

Content Branding

Graphic Design

Scrips, Storyboards & Animatics

Stereoscopic 3D


Visual Effects

Streaming for lives

Why BKS?

BKS offers you an all-inclusive service: Audiovisual identity (insertion of visuals), color correction , special  effects  and  multi-lingual subtitling.
We also take care of the creation and adaptation of all your credits.
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