Video Services

The final touches for your audiovisual projects. We have it all for your video needs.

Our in-house creative teams collaborate with industry leaders in feature productions.

Edition, graphics, animations, special effects, color calibration, subtitling and so much more; all the best to meet your needs and give you a tailored service for all your films.

Trust Us with your Video post-production needs.

BKS offers the following Animation, Graphics and Visual Effects services:

Animation 2D, 3D, for Films, Advertising & CGI

Character Design & Concept

Content Branding

Graphic Design

Scrips, Storyboards & Animatics

Stereoscopic 3D


Visual Effects

Streaming for lives


The Production Team at BKS studies each project to establish how to best bring each customer’s expectations to fruition, finding the most suitable film locations according to the ambience requirements as well as the artistic, technical, and financial particulars of each project.


BKS has a unique Studio ecosystem offers a fully customizable on Demand post-production solution with encrypted mirrored servers in Brazil, USA and India.

Why BKS?

BKS offers you an all-inclusive service: Audiovisual identity (insertion of visuals), color correction , special  effects  and  multi-lingual subtitling.
We also take care of the creation and adaptation of all your credits.
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