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The Art behind Theatrical Dubbing.

Recreate the experience, carry the message...

As we already know, when speaking of films, we refer implicitly to AUDIO-visual creations, yes, with the word AUDIO highlighted, since often this term is not given adequate importance, when in fact sound is an essential part of the experience that we live while enjoying a film.

Our society, globally and widely connected, presents a multicultural approach in the consumption of contents, now we have access to a greater quantity of productions of different countries in multiple languages; which hence the importance of having a high-quality Theatrical Dubbing that respects and adheres to the message and intent of the original content.

The Theatrical Dubbing, goes beyond translating a script, doing a simple dubbing and voice acting; is an art, that is to recreate that experience of the film in a new language, with a new sound, in a new version.

A process that goes from a rigorous casting, that equals to the original talent, the translation and adaptation – not only of the script, sometimes also of the music or background voices – to what is the vocal performance, the recording of each talent, the postproduction and the new mix, that will give that local sound to the production and that will allow the multiplication of that content, the message of that film.

We want to be your ally in this process! We have everything you need so your audience can experience the sound in each of your productions.