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At BKS we “Speak Your Language.” Since 1958, BKS has developed a sophisticated dubbing process ensuring translation consistency. We have learned that the quality of dubbing is established by several factors especially Voice Casting, Translation Consistency, and the “Effect”, the ability to achieve realistic synchronization between video and audio.

Each project is measured and developed with the same standard process – delivering a consistent product over time – keeping the viewer’s experience always top of mind. Our reality-tested quality is the reason why BKS has maintained customer loyalty for over 40 years

A pioneer in the industry, BKS has been leading the way with its Dubbing Studio based in São Paulo. Our 22,000 sq. ft. facilities include 6 Recording studios, 4 Mixing studios and 1 especially for Dolby mixing. Come visit us! CLICK here (video de BKS)

BKS has expanded to the United States with their new Dubbing Studio located in Miami, Florida. Our 15,000 sq. ft. facilities include 7 Recording studios, 2 Mixing studios and 1 especially for Dolby mixing. Come visit us!

BKS São Paulo focuses on all Portuguese and Spanish dubbing and subtitling, BKS Miami fulfils all French and English dubbing and subtitling. Come visit us!

BKS also provides dubbing classes for new voice talent and audio classes for audio engineers. Most of all voice talents in São Paulo started in BKS! LINK MEET OUR TEAM!


BKS offers this audio services

  • ADR additional dialogue recorded
  • Audio description
  • Audio editing
  • Dubbing for all media
  • Foley
  • M&E
  • Mix 2.0
  • Mix 5.1 Dolby Digital for movie theater, home video and TV Replication
  • Narration
  • Quality Control
  • Synchronization
  • Voice over


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• Audio Engineers

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We accepts all major credit cards

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