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Each project is measured and developed with the same standard process – delivering a consistent product over time – keeping the viewer’s experience always top of mind. Our reality-tested quality is the reason why BKS has maintained customer loyalty for over 60 years
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Our latest posts: Experience the Sound.

The Art behind Theatrical Dubbing.

As we already know, when speaking of films, we refer implicitly to AUDIO-visual creations, yes, with the word AUDIO highlighted, since often this term is not given adequate importance, when in fact sound is an essential part of the experience that we live while enjoying...

Music: A key element to experience the sound.

Ever since the sound was first added to moving images, movies and music have been a natural combination. Whether a film is a comedy, an action-packed thriller or a big drama, the right music at the right moment will always elevate the impact of a...

Experiencing the sound of your creation.

Why the Sound Design is an important aspect of marketing a product? Let’s think about a motorcycle ad, the product may look amazing and attractive but hearing the start of the engine and the gas pedal sound, makes the consumer loves it even more...