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Experiencing the sound of your creation.

Why the Sound Design is an important aspect of marketing a product?

Let’s think about a motorcycle ad, the product may look amazing and attractive but hearing the start of the engine and the gas pedal sound, makes the consumer loves it even more. This power of sound creates a sense of reality for the viewer.  According to some studies:

“consumers are not only influenced by what they see, but what they hear as well” (Lewis 82). By engaging multiple senses of a viewer, companies can more effectively promote their products or messages.¨

On the other hand, in films, the sound design accomplishes a similar task – reinforcing and setting the emotional and narrative tone. Watch any horror film, detective/police procedural, fantasy, etc. – (any genre) and you’ll see the role the sound design plays in creating the world, as well as driving the viewer towards details you need to be noticing to follow the narrative.

The sound design in any case helps the audience to get the whole experience or feeling of a movie or a product; and we can make it happen…

Our team is ready to work for all your project’s needs, turn on the sound and discover our Sound Design services.

Reference Source: https://sites.duke.edu/soundscapes/2015/11/24/the-power-of-sounds-in-advertising/