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Encoding Services

The best way to service our customers is to have the ability to deliver digital content in a wide variety of formats.

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Conversion and Duplication

BKS offers all encoding configurations and works with all format materials. We work with systems such as: PAL, PAL N, NTSC, Secam and with all formats such as: BETA SP. BETA SX, DIGI BETA, HD, 4K, 2K, DVCAM, MINI DV, DVCAM, DVC PRO, DVD, VHS and we transfer to any video format.


Quality expectations are ever increasing with the adoption of the latest delivery platforms. At BKS we have our own high capacity server using Aspera software to increase the speed delivery process.

Content Security

At BKS we understand the value of keeping your content secure throughout the post production process. We have made it our priority to supply the highest level of security and confidentiality in the industry across the life of the project. From storage to editing to delivery, securing your content’s privacy is our main objective.

Why BKS?

Each project is measured and developed with the same standard process, delivering a consistent product each time while always keeping the viewer’s experience at the top of our minds. Our reality-tested quality is the reason why BKS has maintained customer loyalty for over 60 years.
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BKS offers these Laboratory services:

Cinematographic Laboratory

Color Grading





Digital Cinema

Digital Intermediate (2K/4K)



Transcription & Transcoding

Film Processing 35mm/16mm

High Definition Services

Quality Control


Virtual and physical storage

Digital Cinema DCP & KDM

Digital Distribution

VOD Services


Content Agregator

Workflow Orchestration

Localization Graphic