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Audio Workshops

Become an audio expert!

Audio Basics

This workshop will allow you to understand a DAW to record and mix different instruments and also, how to put mics in different sources and instruments.


  • Basic Course
  • Microphones and Techniques
  • Recording Studio, General Process (EQ, Dynamic processors, FX)

Sound Design/Foley

With this workshop, you will be able to create sound effects for movies, short films, commercials and more, as well as mix with dialogue tracks.


  • Creating and Layering sound effects from scratch.
  • Creating and Layering sound effects from a stock library.
  • Designing and adding sound and dialogue to a movie (practical)

Mix Techniques

In this workshop, you will learn different advanced mix techniques that will lead your audio projects to a new level.


  • Bus processing
  • EQ process
  • Dynamic process
  • Special FX process
  • Parallel compression


What is the mastering process, mastering techniques and differences between Digital/ Analog Mastering process.


  • Why do Mastering?
  • Digital/Analog Mastering Process

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