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Audio Sevices

BKS is the pioneer audio studio in Brazil since 1958.

All in Audio Services: Dubbing, Voice Over, Narration, Audio description for all media formats.

We also offer Editorial, Mixing, Layback services, ADR, M&E creation, Repairs, Clean-Ups, QC Evaluations, Video Game sound design, and much more!


At BKS we “Speak Your Language...Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish, English and more.

ADR additional dialogue recorded

Improve your audio quality or reflect dialogue changes.

Audio Description

Additional Narration track for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media.

Audio Editing

We alter length, speed, and volume or create additional versions such as loops.


Music and Effects for series and movies in a foreign language.

Mix 2.0 Mix 5.1 Dolby Digital

For movie theater, home video and TV Replication.


We have the best Voice Talents for all your projects.


Catchy music for your brand.


Video and Audio in perfect timing...

Sound Design - Foley

Give your audience the whole experience or feeling of a movie or a product.

Video Game Sound Design

Engage your audience with the perfect sounds for your product.

Voice Over - Commercials

Talent and Technique... Discover our Voice Acting Talents.

Original Audio

Recreate your projects in multiple languages...

Music Creation

Original music for your content.

Audio Post

The perfect audio for your product.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

We verify the quality of your projects.

TV Spots

The best sound for your TV Ads...

Advertising Post Production

Let us take care of the final touches for your Ads

Why BKS?

Each project is measured and developed with the same standard process, delivering a consistent product each time while always keeping the viewer’s experience at the top of our minds. Our reality-tested quality is the reason why BKS has maintained customer loyalty for over 60 years.
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