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About us

We are a multimedia company that offers OTT technology, content distribution, all kinds of video production, all kinds of audio production and localization & brand and advertising solutions services to clients across the globe.

We produce TV shows, music videos, video commercials, digital explainer videos, promos, trailers, video for radio shows, 2D & 3D animated content including walkthroughs, corporate AVs, product stills, graphic images, jingles, radio ads, audiobooks, original audio dialogs and musics for animation, games and virtual reality. We translate & dub content in all languages. We also offer brand solutions like conceiving ad campaigns, developing apps and games.

Constantly working with the latest technology

At BKS you can be sure we are constantly working to maintain the latest technology and services that will bring you and your audience the most engaging and astounding entertainment experiences possible.

BKS is continually updating and advancing our facilities and resources across the globe. Over 25,000 square feet in São Paulo, Brazil, and 16.000 square feet in Miami of rooms, labs and studios and our presence on three different continents are ready and equipped with the latest sound and visual technology for your next venture.

Television Series
Television Miniseries
Soap Operas
Animations / Cartoons
Institutional Videos
Round-the-clock and global operations equals faster post-production and reduced costs.

Give us a call or request more information and see why BKS can become your trusted source and go-to studio for your upcoming film or television project.

A very important attribute for business

At BKS we don’t take our reputation lightly. Since 1958 we have created a well-known and respected global company that caters to the entertainment industry. Our long-standing clients and our presence across all major medias stand testament to our strong commitment.

Welcome to Our Studios!

BKS offers Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Content Localization, and Post Production services in Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish, English, French, and Italian. With offices and dubbing studios in Miami, Florida, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Chennai, India. BKS is one of the world’s largest providers of dubbing and subtitling to the entertainment industry.
Our studio facilities are located across the globe for round-the-clock operation—24/7. Need it done right and on time? Looking for quality translation from those who speak the language and know the lingo? Turn to BKS. Our global locations reduce post-production time and costs compared to single-location companies. We have nearly 60 years of industry experience in entertainment and translation for Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish, English and French audiences.
We invest heavily in technology, equipment, engineering experts and language specialists. BKS is Quality, Honesty, and Innovation.
Your trusted go-to source. Let us help you make your next project a success!
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BKS Studio São Paulo, Brazil

BKS Studio Miami, USA